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Half million incentives!

Updated: May 20, 2022

Half a million incentives and half a million for due remuneration!

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It's a noisy case from my small family town. Employer charged delay penalties for holding on the construction of outdoor court and paid only 100 000 from 600 000 PLN due. It's impossible how the city, school, kids like I was that time was supposed to lose 0,5 mln on Contractor delays - we had other playgrounds). Finally, after thirteen years, the court ruled Employer to pay 0,5 mln interests and 0,5 mln for due remuneration.

Numerous examples should warn the lawyers who carelessly rely on contract terms and expect the court to substitute their brains.

It is a shame that the Owners are punished, not their advisors.

The scale of thoughtlessness in delay penalties is astounding, and consequences usually push the construction companies to the edges of bankruptcy. Lawyers use delay penalties as negotiation leverage, and in my opinion, it should result in full responsibility (as for wilful misconduct / gross negligence).

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