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Forensic delay analysis

Looking for delay compensation or just for an excuse?
I am providing all kinds of delay analyses. Whether for on-site management or forensic expert report.
Tailored to your needs and available data.

Claims Quantumm

I deliver damages quantification, along with advice on the titles of your due compensation.
The services also include financial and economic evaluations, e.g. of whether LDs level is reasonable, or cash flow modeling to evaluate impact of withheld or expected payments.

Scena i trybuna (2)

Knowledge and rapport are the keys to avoiding extensive disputes.
I am serving negotiation advice and position evaluation. Knowing plenty of common law verdicts related to delay analysis and quantum, would help us back up the case or step back from wrong assumptions.

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About me


  • MSc in Civil Engineering (2014),

  • Construction licensee (2017),

  • MSc of Finance and Accounting (2016),

  • PMI Project Management Professional (2018),

  • Contract Law course (2019) and numerous books,

Contributed to:

  • Power Plants and Combined Heat Plants (e.g. Kozienice 1075 MW, over 1bln EUR),

  • Chemical plants (e.g., Plock oil refinery, over 2 bln EUR )

  • Oil and gas (LNG Tank - Finland, Gas pipelines - Poland),

  • Civil infrastructure like railways, embankments


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